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The Minoans

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The Keftiu ..... Minoans

For centuries the Minoans are a powerful seatrading empire. A matriachy society with outstanding advances - 3 story buildings, canalisation, cities for 8000 inhabitants, etc. - in short an impire that dominates with trade the entire region of the mediteranean.


A religion of the great goddess coming from ancient - stoneage- times, from places like Catal Huyuk 8000 BC. The priestresses hold the most important functions in society. 


An extraordinary strong vulcanic eruption in Santorin destroys a big part of constructions the big -1400 rooms- temple of Knossos and cities with more than 8000 inhabitants. Not to long after an outstanding Tsunami whipes out even more. The minoans rebuild their temples, their houses, their lifes but are weakened by the desaster and as they get attacked with weapons from the mykeneans they get overthrown and one of the first european civilisationes came to an end.


There is an assumption, that Atlantis, which Plato in his book "Timeus" talks of, was this old empire of crete.