Heide Göttner-Abendroth is a German feminist advocating a branch of feminist anthropology known as Matriarchy Studies (also Modern Matriarchal Studies), focusing on the study of matriarchal or matrilineal societies.

Göttner-Abendroth founded the International Academy for Modern Matriarchal Studies and Matriarchal Spirituality (HAGIA) in 1986. 



Marc Van De Mieroop (PhD Yale 1983) is a professor (full professor 1996) of Ancient Near Eastern history at Columbia University.


Sir Arthur John Evans (8 July 1851 – 11 July 1941) was a British archaeologist most famous for unearthing the palace of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete and for developing the concept ofMinoan civilization from the structures and artifacts found there and elsewhere throughout eastern Mediterranean. Evans was the first to define Cretan scripts Linear A and Linear B, as well as an earlier pictographic writing.

Nanno Marinatos is professor of classics at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She is the daughter of the archeologist Spyridon Marininatos and, like her father, has worked for a very long time on the subject of Minoan culture.

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….. epiphany = ecstatic revelation


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