ca 1700 - 1600 BC Thera eruption or Santorini eruption

The Minoan eruption of Thera, also referred to as the Thera eruption orSantorini eruption, was a major catastrophic volcanic eruption which is estimated to have occurred in the mid second millennium BCE.[2] The eruption was one of the largest volcanic events on Earth in recorded history.[3][4][5] The eruption devastated the island of Thera (also called Santorini), including the Minoan settlement at Akrotiri-- as well as communities and agricultural areas on nearby islands and on the coast of Crete.

The eruption seems to have inspired certain Greek myths[6] and may have caused turmoil in Egypt.[7][8] Additionally, it has been speculated that the Minoan eruption and the destruction of the city at Akrotiri provided the basis for or otherwise inspiredPlato's story of Atlantis.[9][10]